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My name is Isaac Samuels. I live East of London in Stratford.

My life revolves around 4 little creatures. I love them dearly, but they also really annoy me. Bella is my baby. She’s been the stableness within my unstable life living with HIV. I love the fact that I’m an openly HIV-positive man who doesn’t care what people think about my status.

I became HIV-positive by having great sex, condom-less sex, with somebody who was positive. Nothing more, nothing less.

I take 29 tablets a day as a result of being HIV-positive. I have a very difficult relationship with medication, but I’m also very grateful. I struggle with the fact that, as a spoiled westerner, I have access to medication and some people in the world don’t.

I wish that, along my journey as a young person, somebody would’ve spoken to me about being able to negotiate sex. I think that being positive has changed my life. I feel like I’m a better person. I just want to say to everybody out there, if you have preconceived ideas about positive people, just forget them. We are sexual beings with rights. I choose not to be stigmatized. I say pants-in-the-mouth to stigma.

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