My HIV infection was the consequence of a gang rape. When the doctors gave me the diagnosis, I felt my life was over. What else could happen to me? I had been a very abused child. My mother was homophobic. So, I left home.

For a long time, I indulged in sex work and kept fooling around. When I got sick, I ran away from the hospital because I didn’t want to die there. Suddenly I got a message from a community group that helped me a lot. They encouraged me to make a commitment to myself and to life.

I am now a sexual health advisor. We promote a quick HIV test, alongside which I offer counseling. In addition, I work for a company where I am in charge of preparing and organizing events.

It is very important for me to be public about my HIV status, because I am not just a number, and I’m not falling apart. I am a passionate man, committed to what I do. And passion is a lifestyle. It’s what keeps me going. Photography is one of my passions. I am very daring in all aspects of my life, and my pictures reflect that.