I found out my boyfriend was sick. I loved him. I did not protect myself. We were enjoying life, without protection. In 2008, I started getting sick too. When I found out I had HIV, I thought I was done, already dead, my life was over. I had thoughts of drinking bleach. I wanted to kill myself. I even wanted to kill my baby and then kill myself. I had a cousin who was a big support for me, and she always appeared at the worst moments and talked me out of it.

While I was breastfeeding, the doctor called me and said, “How come you did not come to take the syrup for the baby? If you don’t come get it, the baby may be infected just like you. Wouldn’t you like the baby to be healthy?” I ran. I took a motor taxi and went to get the syrup for the baby. Then I went to the clinic to have her tested. The test revealed she was negative. That’s how I learned that the medication could save our lives. I started taking medication myself and life became what I wanted it to be.

This daughter of mine, she represents so much for me. I used to worry so much, that she would be infected like me. But she is not. I take a lot of care to make sure that she’ll never be positive, the way I am.